Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Naughty Poses for Tasteful Photos

Are you looking for something to surprise your man with? How about some sexy photos to send him? Test the timer on your camera and show your boyfriend just how confident and sexy you can be! There are lots of poses that you can try to procure tasteful nude photos of yourself for that special person in your life. Here are a few ideas that could help your imagination when it comes to composing your shots. You can choose to wear sexy lingerie or show off everything God gave you and they will still be tasteless photos to surprise your man with!

The Mystery Pose – this type of shot is extremely sexy without being all out there on display. It leaves room for the imagination. You can use your hands to cover privates and your hand to conceal your breasts. Or just use a dressing gown that falls in a way that reveals snippets but not the whole thing.
The Cleavage Pose – Put on your most cleavage revealing bra and be proud of what you have. Pose in the position you see beneficial to showing of what you have.
The Wet T-shirt Pose – Soak that white singlet/t-shirt and let it cling to your breasts like you have never allowed it to before. Your man will be left drooling at the sight.
The “Cheeky” Pose – Put on a g-string and let the focus be on your bum! There’s a J-Lo in all of us with the right undies!
The Full Frontal Pose – Lose the layers and be confident with what you have. This can be a big confidence booster as you will reveal that you are more attractive then how you feel at times.
Add some accessories - Add accessories to your photos to make them more interesting. Do things and poses that your partner has already told you drive him wild! You can find suitable accessories in our store by visiting our website.

The best seductive photo is one where you’re face is in the shot. This attaches you to the body and will be more personal for your partner. Let your imagination run wild. There really is no right or wrongs when it comes to this type of photography. Pull out those heels that you never get to wear and have fun with it. Your enthusiasm will show up in your photos. Be his own personal lingerie model and remind him what he’s got.


  1. “The best seductive photo is one where you’re face is in the shot.”—This is the best advice a woman should remember. The best parts of a woman that often drive men wild are the eyes and the lips. A simple smokey eye makeup and pout on the lips are enough to hint the message you're trying to express on your photo.